Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Nephew's a Star on YouTube!!!

My cute little nephew Brady had a shoot-out during a hockey game up in Canada!! He is the youngest one on the team and made the first goal!!! They talk about him right at the beginning and then when he scores they yell out "Turko Scored", he's #47 it's so cute to see him out there and he's only 3 1/2 years old. Watch out NHL.........

You can go to this site and watch it, it's awesome!! I'm one proud auntie!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ella Brittany Snow

"Proud Daddy"

"One of her first pictures"

"Wonder what he's thinking"

"Proud Mommy"
"Such an amazing experience"

3:14 p.m.

"Excited Uncle"

"Awaiting the arrival of our Precious Baby Girl"

"Excited Grandma to be and Great-Grandma"

"Such a beauty" geez it takes the life out of ya

Our beautiful baby girl was born on Saturday, September 18th, 2010. What a blessing and miracle she is to Ryan and I and many more people.

I didn't feel very good the night before, we were over at Ryan's brother Todd's house for dinner, and i was ready to get home. I woke up around 3 in the morning and had some cramping and kinda felt like i had wet the bed, i laid there for a minute and feel back to sleep, (now i know what you are all thinking, how could she go back to sleep if she thought she wet the bed) well when your so asleep i just fell back to sleep. Anyway I woke up about 30 minutes later and thought maybe my water broke and my cramping was still there. So i went to sit up and and get off the bed and more water came, so i walked in the bathroom and it was running down my leg, i called for Ryan to come and i said to him, i think my water broke, he was shocked, and then the excitement set in and he was so happy and had the biggest smile on his face, the first i had seen in awhile. I told him i was nervous, he gave me a hug and i can't tell you how happy he was to finally meet his baby girl that he and i had waited so long for.

Well, i hadn't packed my bag yet, so i hurried and threw some stuff in a bag and off we were, i called my mom and my sister. My sister told me to hurry up and get to the hospital, i knew i had some time before i was going to have her, I remember pulling up to the hospital and saying to ry just go park the car and i'll walk, ry said no i'll park the car at the front at Valet, i remember saying something about Valet Parking, and my brother in law Taras from Canada heard me say that and said "What, you have a Valet there" what hospital has a Valet. It was so funny, i was filled with excitement, fear, the unknown, I remember checking in and just thinking to myself, relax, look around and take it all in. It was so surreal, we were finally at the hospital to have a baby. They took me back to room #5. It was probably a little after 4 a.m. i was sitting in the bed and the nurse was asking me questions, and i had this urge to push, water was coming and alot, i told the nurse and she said oh that's ok your going to be leaking water the whole time during labor, she came and checked me and said oh, you are leaking alot, so she cleaned it up.

They told me that i needed to have my I.V. first before my epidural, so they tried to find a vein and after 5 attempts, they finally got it. I was so nervous to get my epidural and thought i might as well get it now cause i'm going to want it sooner then later and my contractions were every few minutes apart and i just wanted to get it over with, so i got it a little after 6. Then i thought i was dilating pretty quickly, i was dilated to a 10 by around noon, i thought geez this is going great, then they had me start pushing and i didn't think it would take very long, but boy was i wrong, i pushed for 3 hours and 14 minutes. The doctor came in and said that they usually let you go about 3 hours and then they would take other action if necessary, i didn't want a c-section, since i had just pushed that long, if i could i wanted to still try and do it the way i was. He let me cause i was doing fine and ella's heart rate didn't drop once which we were very blessed. I've said that it was Grandma Carolyn and Auntie Brittany holding onto her for just another minute.

It was such an amazing experience and we are so truly blessed to have a beautiful healthy baby girl. She was born at 3:14 p.m. and weighed 7.8 and 20 3/4 in. long

One Special Lady

My Mother-in-Law Carolyn passed away on September 14, 2010. She had been struggling with many different complications since May 6, 2010, in and out of ICU. She is one of the most strongest, courageous people that I know. She was a very special person to me. She was always so caring and truly cared and loved people like no other. She loved her family so so much, and if i can be half the woman she was i will be alright.

She was so very excited to welcome another granddaughter. We were so excited for her to meet little ella, i remember going over to Fetal Fotos on July 1, 2010 to get a 4d imaging of our precious little girl and to show grandma carolyn her and hopefully lift her spirits while she was in ICU battling so hard to overcome her illnesses she had. I think we accomplished that. Her face lit up when she saw the video of her granddaughter. She truly loved her so much. It's amazing to me how much dates always seem to coinside with each other, Ry's birthday was the day before his mom passed away and ella wasn't due until October 4th, 2010 but came on September 18th, 2010. When we were mourning the loss of such a special person who's life ended so soon, we welcomed 4 days later a miracle, a beautiful baby girl. Talk about going through a whirlwind of emotions, ry was grieving the loss of his mom and welcomed a daughter all within a 72 hour period.

I will never forget, it was the Sunday before she passed away, and i thought i'm going to go see her myself, i remember just sitting there and i was telling her how much i loved her, and how much i appreciated her raising such a strong great son, Ryan. I told her that i would take good care of him, and that ella will know who she is, and she looked over at me and mouth to me, that she had missed out on so much, it was so hard for her, my heart just sank for her, she hadn't been able to go to any baby showers, she even had made a list together when she was doing so well, of what and who was going to be invited on her side of the family for the baby shower.

I love you Mom so much!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"7 years later"

It seems like time has gone by so slow, but yet time has flown by. Seven years ago today i lost a piece of my heart. My sister brittany was taken from us in a car accident. Words can't describe that day. It was a day full of heartache, anger, loniness, not fair, fear and the unknown.

I was always the one that thought it would happen to anyone or anybody else, but not my family or someone i knew. My world came crashing down. How do you deal with something so tragic and horrible? Their has been so many things since then that has happened. Some good, bad and ugly. It's always easier to look at the negative and not find the good in any of this. I want to focus on the good and some of the things i'm grateful for since this loss.
  • My Husband, best friend!

  • Having great friends and family!

  • My Faith and the comfort i've felt through this difficult time!

  • Really taking a step back to re-evaluate my life and what really matters most!

  • Support, it's truly amazing the friends and family that i have!

  • Love unconditionally

  • Life, it's so fragile

  • My 2 most beautiful nephews!! They have given me so much! It's truly amazing to have this opportunity to be an auntie!! They fill my life with so much love, happiness!! It's been one of the best things yet since this horrible tragedy happened along with something else that has been a miracle in my life!!!

  • My precious unborn baby girl on the way!! I can't wait for this journey to start with her!!

Britt always would tell me how much she wanted to be an auntie!! Oh how i wish she was still here, to be apart of her nephews and niece's lives!!! She would of been an amazing aunt!! Hands down!!! That's one of the saddest things with this whole thing, is our kids will never be able to know her here on this earth. I guess that's why pictures are so so important and making memories with the ones that are still here and telling them every minute we get a chance how much they mean to us and how much we love them because you never know when that day will come to a complete halt and there gone from your life forever!! Give your loved ones hugs and kisses!! Life is so fragile!!

Britters, I love you so much and miss you like crazy!! Til we meet again!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brady turns "2"

I flew up to be in canada for brady's 2nd birthday!! My Mom, aunt, cousin, and granny were already up there, it was a ton of fun just having all of the girls there. We did so much while we were up there. It's always so fun to be up in the country and relax!!

Brady, i can't believe how big you are!! It was so much fun to be up in Canada with you on your birthday!! Auntie can't believe how fast it's gone by, you are such a big boy now and i am so very proud to be your Auntie, I love you so much!! When i look back at all the pictures we've taken of you, it's amazing to me to see how big you are. I love to call and just sit on the phone and listen to you talk, it makes my day!! I want you to know how much i love you and how proud i am of you!!

A few things i want to remember from the last 2 years!

-I've loved listening to you learn how to talk, i remember in such high hopes wanting you to say
"Auntie Shauna" so bad only thinking that my name is hard to pronounce, i was so proud when you finally said it
-You don't realize now, but hopefully when you are older, you will know how much you would make my day to call and just listen to you talk, whether to me or to your mommy, easten or daddy
-i so loved watching and listening to your little anecdotes, when you wanted your milk, you
would point to your mouth with one finger and make a sipping sound
-when you would call your tractors "dumm"
- when you would say "go away auntie" when i wanted to talk to you, i thought that was so funny
-when i have been able to be up in canada with you and the family, you would yell out "auntie", "auntie" i would say "ya brady", you would want my help with something or you would want to show me one of your toys, you made me feel like the most loved and luckiest auntie in the whole world.
-when i call now and hear you say "Hi, Auntie Shauna" you don't realize how much i love hearing you say that or when you say "bye, Auntie Shauna, I wove you!" it simply melts my heart!!
I haven't had the chance to experience the love that one has for there very own child, but i have experienced the true feeling of love i've felt for you and easten! You and easten are Uncle Ryan and Auntie Shauna's pride and joy in life!! We love you little boys so so much!!

You and your little brother have brought so much joy to our family!!

While i was up in Canada again for Brady's Birthday, Taras (my brother in law) birthday is a day before Brady's birthday, so we celebrated alot while we were up there, here are a few pics from the birthday bash!
Grandpa Turko and Little Easten
Dad and his Boys
How Cute, Kisses!!!

So, the boys and Mandee got Dad a new tool box and Brady was in Heaven!!
This is my favorite picture because of the story behind it:

I was telling Brady to look at Auntie so I could take a picture of him
and he tells me with his eyes shut,

"Brady, gone driving Choo Choo Train"

I loved it, he is so darn cute, where do they come up with the things they say, so funny!

Brady putting all his tools in the new Tool Box

Singing happy birthday to Daddy!!

Helping dad open presents

Daddy and Easten, so cute!!
Brady playing with his Tractors

This picture is so funny, he climbed into the chair, buckled himself in and starting throwing all the confetti that was on the table on the floor, it was funny. Brady had a good time.